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1721.0600 EXCLUSIONS.

Parts 1721.0590 to 1721.0660 do not apply to a person who feeds the following to livestock:


garbage obtained from the person's own private household which is fed to animals that the person owns;


processed product that has undergone an industrial manufacturing process where it has been cooked to a temperature of 167 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes or has been subjected to some other industrial process demonstrated to provide an equivalent level of inactivation of disease organisms;


rendered product that has been ground and heated to a minimum temperature of 230 degrees Fahrenheit at a rendering plant;


commercial feeds licensed under the Minnesota Commercial Feed Law, Minnesota Statutes, sections 25.31 to 25.43, that do not contain meat or matter of any character that has been in contact with meat; or


vegetable waste or by-products resulting from the manufacture or processing of vegetables.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 35.03


37 SR 1396

Published Electronically:

April 4, 2013

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