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Subdivision 1.Medicare-certified providers; coordination of surveys.

If feasible, the commissioner shall survey licensees to determine compliance with this chapter at the same time as surveys for certification for Medicare if Medicare certification is based on compliance with the federal conditions of participation and on survey and enforcement by the Department of Health as agent for the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Subd. 2.Medicare-certified providers; equivalent requirements.

For home care providers licensed to provide comprehensive home care services that are also certified for participation in Medicare as a home health agency under Code of Federal Regulations, title 42, part 484, the following state licensure regulations are considered equivalent to the federal requirements:

(1) quality management, section 144A.479, subdivision 3;

(2) personnel records, section 144A.479, subdivision 7;

(3) acceptance of clients, section 144A.4791, subdivision 4;

(4) referrals, section 144A.4791, subdivision 5;

(5) client assessment, sections 144A.4791, subdivision 8, and 144A.4792, subdivisions 2 and 3;

(6) individualized monitoring and reassessment, sections 144A.4791, subdivision 8, and 144A.4792, subdivisions 2 and 3;

(7) individualized service plan, sections 144A.4791, subdivision 9, 144A.4792, subdivision 5, and 144A.4793, subdivision 3;

(8) client complaint and investigation process, section 144A.4791, subdivision 11;

(9) prescription orders, section 144A.4792, subdivisions 13 to 16;

(10) client records, section 144A.4794, subdivisions 1 to 3;

(11) qualifications for unlicensed personnel performing delegated tasks, section 144A.4795;

(12) training and competency staff, section 144A.4795;

(13) training and competency for unlicensed personnel, section 144A.4795, subdivision 7;

(14) delegation of home care services, section 144A.4795, subdivision 4;

(15) availability of contact person, section 144A.4797, subdivision 1; and

(16) supervision of staff, section 144A.4797, subdivisions 2 and 3.

Violations of requirements in clauses (1) to (16) may lead to enforcement actions under section 144A.474.

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