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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 325K. Electronic Authentication

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
325K.001Short Title
325K.02Purposes and Construction
325K.03Role of the Secretary
325K.05Licensure and Qualifications of Certification Authorities
325K.06Performance Audits
325K.07Enforcement of Requirements for Licensed Certification Authorities
325K.08Dangerous Activities by Certification Authority Prohibited
325K.09General Requirements for Certification Authorities
325K.10Issuance of Certificate
325K.11Warranties and Obligations Upon Issuance of Certificate
325K.12Representations and Duties Upon Accepting Certificate
325K.13Control of Private Key
325K.14Suspension of Certificate
325K.15Certificate Revocation
325K.16Certificate Expiration
325K.17Recommended Reliance Limits
325K.18Collection Based on Suitable Guaranty
325K.19Satisfaction of Signature Requirements
325K.20Unreliable Digital Signatures
325K.21Digitally Signed Document is Written
325K.22Digitally Signed Originals
325K.24Presumptions in Adjudicating Disputes; Liability Allocation
325K.25Recognition of Repositories
325K.27Court Rules

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