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Subdivision 1.Establishment.

Notwithstanding the provisions of section 471.59, subdivision 1, requiring commonality of powers, two or more counties or a city and one or more counties within a region defined in the statewide radio board's project plan under section 403.36, through action of their governing bodies, by adoption of a joint powers agreement that complies with section 471.59, subdivisions 1 to 5, may establish a regional radio board to implement, maintain, and operate regional and local improvements to the statewide, shared, trunked radio and communication system provided for in section 403.36. Membership in a regional radio board shall include one county commissioner appointed by each respective county board party to the joint powers agreement and an elected official from any city party to the joint powers agreement, and may include additional members whose qualifications are specified in the joint powers agreement.

Subd. 2.Powers.

In addition to the powers enumerated in section 471.59, a regional radio board, as necessary and convenient to implement regional and local improvements to the statewide, shared, trunked radio and communication system provided for in section 403.36, has the following powers:

(1) to establish bylaws and other organizational procedures consistent with the terms of the joint powers agreement;

(2) to apply for and hold licenses for public safety frequencies to be used in regional and local improvements, including a regional data system;

(3) to set or adopt regional performance and technical standards, subject to review by the Statewide Radio Board, that do not interfere with the backbone or interoperability infrastructure administered by the Statewide Radio Board;

(4) to enter into contracts necessary to carry out its responsibilities;

(5) to acquire by purchase, lease, gift, or grant, property, both real and personal, and interests in property necessary for the accomplishment of its purposes and to sell or otherwise dispose of property it no longer requires; and

(6) to contract with the state of Minnesota, through the commissioner of transportation, for construction, ownership, operation, and maintenance of regional or local improvements to the statewide, shared, trunked radio and communication system.

Subd. 3.Relationship to local governments.

Where a regional radio board has been established in accordance with this section, local governments and other public entities eligible under part 90 of the FCC rules to operate upon a statewide, shared public safety radio and communication system within the region covered by the regional radio board must coordinate its implementation through one of the parties to the joint powers agreement. For purposes of grants made available by the Department of Public Safety, a regional radio board is entitled to apply for and receive a grant on behalf of one or more counties who are a party to the joint powers agreement.


2004 c 201 s 19

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