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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 541. Limitation of Time, Commencing Actions

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
541.01Application to State and Other States; Exceptions
541.02Recovery of Real Estate, 15 Years
541.023Actions Affecting Title to Real Estate
541.024Limitation of Actions Affecting Title to or Possession of Tax-Forfeited Lands
541.03Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgage
541.04Judgments, Ten Years
541.05Various Cases, Six Years
541.051Limitation of Action for Damages Based on Services or Construction to Improve Real Property
541.052Limitation of Actions for Damages Based on Errors in Land Surveys
541.053Limitation of Actions Based on Consumer Debt
541.06Sheriffs, Coroners; Forfeitures, Three Years
541.07Two- or Three-Year Limitations
541.072Special Limitation
541.073Actions for Damages Due to Sexual Abuse; Special Provisions
541.074Civil Remedy in Racketeering Cases
541.075Remedies in Environmental Actions
541.076Health Care Provider Actions
541.08Local Improvement Certificates; Limitation; Lien Superseded
541.09Action to Be Commenced Within One Year
541.10Mutual Accounts
541.11Repealed, 1953 c 378 s 5
541.115Actions Relating to Maintenance of Water Levels
541.12Repealed, 1974 c 394 s 12
541.13Absence from State
541.14Repealed, 1977 c 187 s 1
541.15Periods of Disability Not Counted
541.16Period between Death of Party and Commencement of Action
541.17New Promise Must Be in Writing
541.18New Action in Case of Reversal
541.20Recovery of Money Lost
541.21Commitments for Gambling Debt Void
541.22Limitation on Asbestos Claims

541.31Conflict of Laws; Limitation Periods
541.32Rules Applicable to Computation of Limitation Period
541.34Existing and Future Claims
541.35Uniformity of Application and Construction
541.36Short Title

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