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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 550. Executions, Redemption, Exemptions

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
550.01Enforcement of Judgment
550.011Judgment Debtor Disclosure
550.02Judgments; Methods of Enforcement
550.03Kinds of Execution
550.04Execution, How Issued; Contents
550.041Repealed, 1990 c 606 art 3 s 39
550.05Repealed, 1990 c 606 art 3 s 39
550.051Term of Writ of Execution; Inventory; Satisfaction
550.06Execution after Death
550.07Issuance of Execution
550.08Execution Against Property, How Executed
550.09Levy on Money
550.10Property Levied on, Lien
550.11Levy on Property Subject to Judgment Lien; Release
550.12Levy on Personalty
550.13Levy on Bulky Articles
550.135Sheriff's Levy on Other Personal Property, Money, or Indebtedness
550.136Sheriff's Levy of Earnings
550.14Repealed, 1990 c 606 art 3 s 39
550.141Repealed, 1990 c 606 art 3 s 39
550.142Public Employees; Wages, Execution Levy
550.143Levy on Funds at a Financial Institution
550.15Certificate to Be Furnished Officer
550.16Levy on Pledged or Mortgaged Chattels
550.17Levy on Growing Crops
550.175Execution on Real Property That Includes Homestead
550.18Notice of Sale
550.19Service on Judgment Debtor
550.20Sale, When and How
550.205Repealed, 1986 c 398 art 2 s 4
550.206Report of Sale of Homestead on Execution; Confirmation; Resale
550.21Sale of Corporate Stock
550.22Certificate of Sale of Real Property
550.23Interest of Purchaser Subject to Attachment or Judgment
550.24Redemption of Real Property
550.25Repealed, 2000 c 320 s 9
550.26Redemption, How Made
550.27Certificate of Redemption; Effect of Redemption
550.28Sale Irregular or Judgment Reversed
550.29Redemption Pending Action to Set Aside Execution Sale
550.30Creditor May Redeem in Certain Cases
550.31Creditor to Record Order with County Recorder
550.32Recording to Determine Priority
550.33Creditor May Redeem When
550.34District Court to Determine Amount
550.36Stay of Execution on Money Judgment
550.365Mediation Notice and Requirements for Agricultural Property
550.366Judgments on Debts Related to Agricultural Property
550.37Property Exempt
550.371Exemptions in Joint Bankruptcy
550.38Veteran's Pension, Bonus, or Compensation
550.39Exemption of Insurance Policies
550.40Renumbered 354.231
550.41Levy on Property in Excess of Exemption
550.42Waiver of Agricultural Debtor's Rights

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