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2005 Minnesota Statutes

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Chapter 6. State Auditor

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
6.01Duties, seal.
6.02Deputies, employees.
6.03Renumbered 16A.40
6.04Renumbered 16A.41
6.05Renumbered 16A.42
6.06Renumbered 16A.43
6.07Repealed, 1955 c 863 s 22
6.08Renumbered 16A.44
6.09Repealed, 1955 c 863 s 22
6.10Renumbered 16A.45
6.11Renumbered 16A.46
6.12Renumbered 16A.47
6.13Repealed, 1955 c 863 s 22
6.135Repealed, 1947 c 416 s 3
6.136Renumbered 16A.48
6.137Renumbered 16A.49
6.14Repealed, 1955 c 863 s 22
6.15Repealed, 1955 c 863 s 22
6.16Repealed, 1955 c 863 s 22
6.17Repealed, 1955 c 863 s 22
6.18Renumbered 16A.50
6.19Renumbered 16A.51
6.20Renumbered 16A.36
6.21Renumbered 16A.055
6.211Renumbered 16A.52
6.212Renumbered 16A.53
6.213Renumbered 16A.54
6.214Renumbered 16A.55
6.22Renumbered 16A.56
6.23Renumbered 16A.57
6.24Renumbered 16A.58
6.25Renumbered 16A.59
6.26Repealed, 1996 c 310 s 1
6.27Repealed, 1955 c 863 s 22
6.28Renumbered 16A.60
6.29Renumbered 16A.61
6.291Renumbered 16A.62
6.30Renumbered 16A.63
6.31Renumbered 16A.64
6.32Repealed, 1969 c 399 s 51
6.321Repealed, 1969 c 399 s 51
6.33Renumbered 16A.65
6.34Renumbered 16A.66
6.35Renumbered 16A.67
6.40Renumbered 16A.68
6.42Renumbered 16A.69
6.43Renumbered 16A.70
6.44Renumbered 16A.71
6.45Renumbered 16A.72
6.46Transfer of powers of public examiner to state auditor.
6.47Accounting and budgeting systems; investigation, forms.
6.48Examination of counties; cost, fees.
6.49Cities of first class.
6.495Examination of fire and police relief associations.
6.50Cities of second, third, or fourth class.
6.51School districts, towns, and statutory cities.
6.515Audit of federal money.
6.52Testimonial powers.
6.53Refusal to assist; penalty.
6.54Examination of county and municipal records pursuant to petition.
6.55Examination of records pursuant to resolution of governing body.
6.551Examination of grantees and contractors of local governments.
6.552Audit of county or municipal hospitals and county nursing homes.
6.56Cost of examination, payment.
6.57Cost of examination, collection.
6.58General fund.
6.582Personnel plan.
6.59Claim of state for cost of examination, contest.
6.60State auditor, certification of amounts due.
6.61Subject to prior enactment of laws.
6.62Postaudit; tax levy.
6.64Cooperation with public accountants; public accountant defined.
6.65Minimum procedures for auditors, prescribed.
6.66Certain practices of public accountants authorized.
6.67Public accountants; report of evidence pointing to misconduct.
6.68State auditor may assist public accountant in audit.
6.69Information furnished public accountant by state auditor.
6.70Access to reports.
6.71Scope of auditor's investigation.
6.715Classification of state auditor's data.
6.72State auditor; report to legislature on volunteer firefighters' relief associations.
6.74Information collected from local governments.
6.745Summary budget data to state auditor.
6.75Annual report.
6.755Reports to the legislature.
6.76Local governmental expenditures for lobbyists.
6.77Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 1 art 2 s 136
6.78Best practices reviews.
6.79State mandates.
6.80Rule and law waiver requests.

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